Animal browser games

My Free Zoo – animal browser game

My Free Zoo - animal browser gameFun with animal games online. My Free Zoo will offer you pure online animal game fun. With its exciting tasks and great game mechanics it is sure to attract users of all ages. One of the best and most popular animal games.


Free Aqua Zoo – aqua browser game

Free Aqua Zoo - aqua browser gamTurn your aquarium into a real attraction and stock it with stunning fish that you’ve bought or caught yourself. There are plenty of lakes nearby:
Scan the pond from your boat and cast your line; will the hungry denizens of the deep take the bait? With strength and finesse you can land even the fastest fish.

Howrse – horse browser game

Howrse - horse browser gameWorld of horses. With Howrse, breed horses or ponies, and discover the responsibilities of managing an equestrian center! One of the top animal games.


World of Ants – animal games

World of Ants - ants browser gameBuild your own Ant Colony. It is your daily duty as emperor to defend your colony, to develop it and to make sure that there are enough resources.Research and Trade.Demonstrate your strategic skills! Let your ants research new technologies and prove yourself to be a tough trading partner. – free bee browser game - free bee browser is a free online strategy browser game in which you found your own colony and train your bees to become heroes. Unite together with other beehives to form a colony and fight against other enemy bee colonies as one.Fight for the last drop of honey and buzz your way to the top of the rankings before the game is over to prove that your bees are the mightiest in one final battle.

ZooMumba – free animal browser game

ZooMumba - free animal gamesYou can buy animal habitats in the shop and then place them on your zoo to have them built.Once you have both male and female animals in your exhibit, they can have baby animals!Take care of your animals and give them what they need to make them happy. Go ahead, give it a try!

Farmerama – free farm browser game

Farmerama - free farm browser gameSow seeds, harvest trees and raise animals!Plus many more areas to cultivate:
From Bahamarama to the Magical Glade!Win daily prizes from the farm wheel.Lots of exciting challenges to complete!Trade and barter your produce in the market!The craziest animal husbandry around!
Raise special animal species ranging from “Goldie” the sheep to “Rainbow” the chicken.

My Free Zoo – free animal browser game

My Free Zoo - animal browser gameCreate and design your very own Zoo Empire! Make sure your zoo’s inhabitants feel just as at home here as your visitors! Build souvenir shops and Take Aways and spice up your zoo’s look with countless decorations!Breed cute baby animals and become the best zoo director of all times! Join our cute animal games.

Branes Battle – strategy brane browser game

Branes Battle - strategy brane browser gameBranes Battle – The Strategy Browser Game. You start managing a small Branes group. You then recruit soldiers, make alliances, and win battles to rule the world!


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