Mafia browser games

Mafia Warfare – free mafia browser game

Mafia Warfare - free mafia browser gameMafia Warfare is a free  mafia browser game with endless possibilities to improve your mobster and become the best online gangster you can be.

Insane Gangsters – crime mafia browser game

Insane Gangsters - crime browser gameOne of the best gangster games where respect is earned and not given, here is the deal…Wanna be the best?..think you ARE the best?.. then come on in and play Insane Gangsters. The missions and crimes are the best place to start, build up your money to buy weapons and protection, the quicker you complete your missions the quicker you start ranking through the ranks, keep up with your mini crimes to help you through the ranks also.

Goodfellas 1930 – online mafia game

Goodfellas 1930 - online mafia gameBecome the city’s most powerful godfather.There’s never been a more authentic Online Mafia Game!Get ready to discover the American underground Mafia of the 1930’s!Increase your respect level and open new opportunities in new cities for yourself.Whether you decide to get into the business of illegal alcohol sales or mix in with the more lucrative drug business, there are always opportunities to gain a higher status. One of the best mafia browser games.

Syndicate – free browser crime game

Syndicate - free browser crime gameSyndicate is a free mafia browser game. Make friends, allies, and enemies with players from all over the world as you fight your way to the top of the criminal ladder.Completely free to play- no downloads required.

TheMafiaBoss –  role playing mafia browser game

TheMafiaBoss -  role playing browser gameJoin millions of registered mafia game players, play the real mafia role playing game and become The Mafia Boss.Just like the real mafia, you can join families – a group of people sharing the same goals and philosophy.One of the basics of organized crime is to do things your own way and not end up in prison. – free crime online game - free crime online gameFree multiplayer mafia role playing game. Steal, bribe, pimp, deal drugs, rob and kill. What you become is entirely up to you–a feared hitman whackin’ snitches, a hijacker with warehouses full of swag, a low-life pimp, a smooth talking con-man, a drug kingpin causing a cocaine snow storm, an honorable soldier, or maybe you’ll make it to the top and become a Legendary Godfather.

MafiaMatrix – free crime browser game

MafiaMatrix - free crime browser gameMafiaMatrix is a browser based mafia game set in a post modern era. As a player, you have a choice to pursue a legitimate life by practicing one of the numerous legitimate careers – or choose to associate with the more nefarious characters and live the life of a gangster.We encourage you to join our community and enjoy this free to play game. So click the register link above and treat yourself!

Assassinators – mafia browser game

Assassinators - mafia browser gameThere is no download required to play, you can play straight from your browser.This game is a persistant game, you’ll make an account, rank up, earn some cash and then stop playing for today. Then when you log in tomorrow, all your stuff will still be the same.

Mafia-War – mafia browser game

Mafia-War - browser gameTest your wits against many other players in this comprehensive and very compelling Mafia game. Your goal is to become the best Mafiosi in the world.
These mysterious and well coordinated criminal organisations are the fear of every law-abiding citizen.


Mafia Returns – browser gangster game

Mafia Returns - browser gangster game“I assure you, there has been NO mistake.” the man behind you growls into your ear as he presses the cold steel of the .45 deeper into the crown of your skull.

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