Online Tennis Manager – tennis browser game

Online Tennis Manager - tennis browser gameOnlinetennis is a tennis manager browser game. Browser games are online-games in the internet that are completely played in your browser and in which you play against thousands of players from around the world. Online tennis is completely free. As the manager of a tennis player you do your training, set up your tactic and sign up your tennisplayer for tournaments and championships. Start your tennis manager career in this multiplayer-managergame now!

Football Superstars – Virtual Football World

Football Superstars - Virtual Football WorldFootball Superstars is the first and only Virtual Football World. An entire online football game designed by football fans exclusively for football fans, where you can enjoy a FREE to play massively multiplayer experience on your PC.

Hockey Arena – hockey browser game

Hockey Arena - hockey browser gameHockey Arena is on-line hockey manager, where you lead your own team, you’re fighting for the promotion to the 1st League and you represent your country in the World League. You have the chance to win the election, become a national team manager and play with the national team on the World Championship.

Wrestling Game – free sport browser game

Wrestling Game - free sport browser gameThe Wrestling Game is a FREE managerial online game with various features.All you need to play the Wrestling Game is just a normal browser.The game interface is quite intuitive. At the first log in you will be guided in your first steps by a simple tutorial, which will help you to move deftly through the site.

Let’s Fish – free browser online game

Let's Fish - free browser online gameThe best fishing game – from now on for free in your browser!Over 30 realistic, animated fisheries. From the snows of the South Pole to the paradisiacal beaches of Australia!Almost 300 fish species and other water creatures, including gigantic sturgeons and warrior sharks – every fisherman’s dream!

World Tour Fishing – fishing browser game

World Tour Fishing - fishing browser gameExciting, edge of your seat action in the classic battle between fish and fisher! Quick reflexes, complex rod and real simulations keep you on your toes every second you’re reeling in the next World Record Catch!

OFM – Online Football Manager – sport browser game

OFM - Online Football Manager - browser football gameEnter the fantastic world of OFM and become league champion. Fight to claim coveted trophies and show the world who the one true manager is. Lead your team to the top and prove your skills for strategy, finances, and talent spotting. There are tonnes of features available to help you on your way to the top.

Gobbowl – free online strategic sport simulation

Gobbowl - free online strategic sport simulationGobbowl is a free-to-play, online strategic sport browser game. Requiring no installation, it features a unique, simultaneous turn-based gameplay system. Set in the worlds of DOFUS and WAKFU, players can choose any of the of the 14 available character classes to join their Gobbowl team. Each player will be able to demonstrate their talents as a coach by sending their team to compete in epic matches around the world!

Online Soccer Manager

Online Soccer ManagerOnline Soccer Manager is a free-to-play sport browser games which provides the players an opportunity to become soccer manager. The players can buy new palayers, train current squad, select different tactics, hire specialists. The best managers create excellent teams which can win league and cup trophies. The game is playable in iOS and Android.

Perfect 11 Soccer – 3D online soccer game

Perfect 11 Soccer - 3D online soccer gamePerfect 11 Soccer: The 3D online-multiplayer sport browser game. Highly detailed visuals, top notch Gameplay and an atmosphere like in an actual Soccer Stadium – this all for free!

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